Sunday, February 24, 2013

PDB Breaking News Special Report - Please Read

Yo yo yooooooo

We here at The PDB have come out of our winter hibernation in response to a special situation that justified ending our slumber early. And no, it is not a cannon ball.

Hot off the desk of the best damn news team in the business, we were just informed by the PosDogReporters at PDB News that the Negative Dog Hater Flu has officially reached pandemic levels and in a show of its might has even infected our very own CPD (Chief Positive Dog).

The Center for NegDog Control and Prevention (CNCP) has declared its presence in 48 out of 50 states with Washington and Colorado up to this point being the only ones able to fend off the devastating negativity levels associated with this very powerful virus.

In a PDB News exclusive our local PDB affiliates in each state have pointed to legislation that was recently passed by both proving to be the game changer in their fight to evade the crippling Negative Dogedness that has smothered the good vibes in the rest of this great nation. However, that is unconfirmed at this time due to our numerous failed attempts to verify their claims because everyone in both our Seattle and Denver offices appear to be more stoned than Snoop Dogg was when he thought it was a good idea to change his name to Snoop Lion. You aint Simba bro?

We guess it's just Hakuna Matata at this point? Time to move on, we will keep you updated on our quest to verify their claims.

In need of a laugh, we just flipped a tv here in the studio to the coverage over in crazy land. Bill O'Reilly and one of the hotty totty girl reporters with a weird face are saying this whole NegDog pandemic is the next phase of Obama's war on literally everything that is good.

Before we go back to the real world where people don't really think President Obama is actually Voldem- excuse us, He Who Must Not Be Named, we'd like to wish all of the female reporters of crazy land a speedy recovery as they continue to come back from a bakers dozen too many trips to the Plastic Surgeon.

The other major news from The Center for NegDog Control and Prevention's press conference, is that they have officially authorized an over-the-counter test for the presence of the Negative Dog Hater Flu. Fun fact: The test was developed here in our PDB Research and Development division. If you think you or any of your loved ones have become infected we strongly encourage you to take the test, it is found for free at the end of this Special Report.

The CNCP says the best way to avoid the virus is to stay away from known pure breed Negative Dogs and the environments and places where they tend to gather like the YouTube comments section (Same Love). Even though there is a nationwide shortage, try to surround yourself with Good People and get your hands on some Good Beer, Good Food, and Good Music as they have all shown an ability to prevent being infected says the CNCP.

In our research, we also found that Sugarland, Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Frank Ocean's Grammy Performance of Forest Gump, American Flags, Short Jorts (Jean Shorts for all you non-Amuricans), and Fur Lined Puffy Jackets had a positive effect in fighting off the virus.

It cannot be said enough: don't underestimate this virus and how important this is. If gone untreated long enough the Negative Dog Hater Flu will almost certainly lead to a diagnosis of Long-Term Stage III Negative Dog Disease and in the worst cases leads to turning into an outright Negative Dog and the accompanying Terminal Bad Vibes.

We here at The PDB have partnered with the CNCP to launch an awareness campaign to get the word out that it can't be overcome alone. Our Working Slogan for the drive is "Let's Get Weird Together." Like we said, it's a working slogan.

Before we go, we'd like to send our best wishes to our CPD. We are hearing he is close to making a full recovery in his struggle to overcome the virus which has crippled him and his PosDog since its presence was confirmed on November 5th in the year twenty twelve. He is our leader and an inspiration to PosDogs worldwide, we have no doubts that he will be back to get the good vibes flowing again very soon.

To conclude this Special Report, we support each and every PosDog out there during these turbulent times and please remember to help all of the PosDogs in need as much as possible, hell go buy them a Taco Bell party pack.

-The PDB


This test consists of 5 yes or no questions and is both very simple and very easy to complete.

***Remember to have the music loud and ensure there is sufficient space for fist pumps and shoulder bumps before starting question 1***

Question #1:

No need to over-complicate this one, Do you have the feeling?

Question #2:

Do you feel like it's a beautiful summer day where you find yourself just clowning while dancing like the whitest white boy cuz you know it's nothing but good vibes all around?

Question #3:

Are you questioning whether your high pitch singing is actually really good, like Grammy winning good, and do you not care and love it?

Question #4:

At some point during this song did you either find yourself dancing like Usher with what you are sure was super swaggy footwork or doing a very smooth shoulder roll type dance move that is sure to impress the hottest chicas at the bar?

Question #5:
Did you immediately start shoulder bumping and were you dancing like an idiot and feeling good about life by the time this tune ends?

You have now completed the test and here is how to find out if you have become infected with the NegDog Hater Flu:

The easiest and quickest way to confirm if you tested positive for the virus is if you didn't like the 5th song. If you don't feel good vibes from that tune something is for sure wrong with you because that song is the Adrian Peterson of PosDog songs. It is proof that the heart of humanity is indeed PosDog.

The other way to test positive for the presence of the virus is if you answered no to more than one question out of the five.

If the results of your test have come back negative, you have completed the test now please go feed your Positive Dog and have yourself a day.

If the results of your test have come back positive, you need to immediately seek professional help from a certified PosDog and get to the closest Taco Bell as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking this test, "Let's Get Weird Together"

Man that really is a working slogan.

- The Center for NegDog Control and Prevention

Monday, November 5, 2012

Make it Happen Monday: Music Edition!

Yo yo yooooooo

Happy Monday to all the fine looking ladies and gents of The PDB!

Can you believe it is one day until the Presidential election? Holy hannah we are so excited for it to be over.

We have to jetset real quick but we've been vibin on all sorts of good levels lately to the following tunes and although we unfortunately can't share more words of wisdom on this Make it Happen Monday these will undoubtadely get you feeding your Positive Dog and have your shoulders a bumpin.

Tune #1 is just gushing with all sorts of Just Live Life and Be Happy vibes.


another funny version here hahaha clowns!

Tune #2 on this Music Monday is a new release from the kinda popular group Mumford and Sons.

Tune #3 is a bit of a rager and features one of the most beautiful voices in the history of beautifulvoiceedness in the crazy talented Florence Welch.

And last but not least, tune #4 is a certified club banger so make sure nobody is within fist pumping dance like a fool range before you hit play on this hot ass track.


One Love,


Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's thursday, thursday, thursday, gotta get down on thursday! Wait no, that's Rebecca Black's Friday

Woah i just made a reference, and it's a throwback jam... i'm getting good at this HOLLA

Welp, it's throwback thursdaze ya'll, how was everyone's Halloween? I had an AWESOME time

Didn't have enough time to handout any candy to the youngins last night, little bit disappointed, but enough of my boring life, LETS GET SOME JAMS BABY!!!!

YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU CRANK DAT SOULJA BOI!!!!!! If you do this dance, or a smaller version with just your hands, you have a PosDogBlog guarantee that you will have a better day

WELL I JUST HAD A GREAT TIME, DID YOU?!?!?! This only killed like 10 minutes of class.... i mean CMON MAN. Have a slammin day planet earth, one love!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Make it Happen Monday: Deuces Wild Edition

Yo yo yoooooooo

Happy 22nd day of October! We here at The PDB hope everyone's Feel Good Fall is well underway and hope y'all have been feeding the positive dog lately.

This has been a tougher than usual Monday morning for us here at The PDB due to our weekend festivities but like always its on you to get outta bed and enjoy life with a shoulder bump or 12.

As much as we rag on the worst state ever, Wisconsin, we have to give Madison a shout out for hosting us this past weekend for the annual watching of the Gophers getting destroyed in a "game" of pigskin. Even though their fans are indeed the most annoying and disgusting bunch of people you could possibly be around on a beautiful fall Saturday, they do know how to party. We can only hope that the atmosphere on campus and around Camp Randall can some day be replicated at the U and TCF Bank Stadium. We actually met a lot of PosDogs over the weekend, and a special nod to one of the few good things to ever come from Wisco: Spotted Cow beer.

And keeping in tune with College Footbaw, here is a PosDog moment outta the Football powerhouse that is UMass:

Brief Story here.

We'd next like to share with you a special PosDog moment from last night's Comedy Central Special "A Night of Too Many Stars" which is a fundraiser for in their words, "To help give people with autism the chance they deserve to reach their potential."

Shout out to everyone who made this moment happen, Damn Katy Perry is one Fine lady, and yadda yadda yadda Jon Stewart and ourselves are girls.

Here is a song we have been bumpin non-stop followed by some words of wisdom to get you on your way this Make it Happen Monday:

Remember to quit making excuses and go after it cuz nobody else is gunna do it for ya, it is on you to make it happen.

One Love,

-The PDB

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PDB Review: "The Heist"


You know an album is more than good when you struggle to not hit repeat after almost every song when listening the first time through. That is most definitely the case on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' newest album, titled "The Heist" and is why we will apologize ahead of time for highlighting too many songs on the album but we just couldn't help it.

And you damn sure know it is gunna be something special when the promo video for the release gives you goosebumps and gets you all excited about life.

First thing we'd like to say about "The Heist" is it is made of GATOR. Jordan fades back...

It starts off with the intro track "10,000 Hours" which kicks things off in typical MxR fashion. As you know we here at The PDB are suckers for the rapper/female combo and this song is a perfect example of why.

If you have never listened to Macklemore this verse is exactly why we love him and perfectly sets up the rest of the album.

"Now, now, now. This is my world, this is my arena. The TV told me something different, I didn't believe it. I stand in front of you today all because of an idea, I could be who I wanted if I could see my potential. And I know that one day I'mma be him. Put the gloves on, sparring with my ego. Everyone's greatest obstacle, I beat it, celebrate that achievement. Got some baggage I'm actually working on leaving...The greats wern't great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot."

The second track "Can't Hold Us" is one of the hits of the album and one we at The PDB have been blasting for well over a year. No further explanation needed, get amped!

The third track is another hit and is the Hipster anthem.

Great video and fun just to goof around to no doubt.

The 5th song on the album is one we have had on The PDB before but we will highlight it again because of its very deep message and one that is very important to us, especially with the upcoming election and accompanying amendment here in the 'Sota to ban gay marriage.

"Gay is synonymous with the lesser
It’s the same hate that’s caused wars from religion
Gender to skin color, the complexion of your pigment
The same fight that led people to walk outs and sit ins
It’s human rights for everybody, there is no difference!
Live on and be yourself
When I was at church they taught me something else
If you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed
That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned
When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless
Rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen
I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it."

"We press play, don’t press pause
Progress, march on
With the veil over our eyes
We turn our back on the cause
Till the day that my uncles can be united by law
When kids are walking ‘round the hallway plagued by pain in their heart
A world so hateful some would rather die than be who they are
And a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all
But it’s a damn good place to start
No law is gonna change us
We have to change us
Whatever god we believe in
We come from the same one
Strip away the fear
Underneath it’s all the same love
About time that we raised up."

The reason behind why Macklemore wrote this song can be found here AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING IT.

"Wing$" is another hit and is a great tune about being yourself, breaking free from stereotypes and just livin life.

We have now gone through all of the most popular tracks on the album but we wanna share a few more that we really like.

"White Walls" is just ear exercise and yes we know it is about cars but the girl's voice in this is just oh so sexayyyyyyyyyy.

"A Wake" is another song featuring the beautiful vibe of the female voice and is a track that speaks to so many issues with society today.

"Gold" is such a positive dog song we couldn't resist featuring it in our official review. Such a feel good song that just gets ya vibin and makes ya nod ya head and unable to stop cheesinnnnnnnn like a fool because life is good.

and the last track we will highlight is "Castle" which is sooooooooooooooooooooo PosDog and is shoulder bumpin music to the max. Easily the party jam off the album, LET'S ALL DANCE!

Like Dennis Rodman, I got a rod man. HAHAHA

To conclude, this album is the bee's knees. It has taken 3 years for them to create it and you can tell why. It is so refreshing to listen to an album that isn't about just how rich they are, all them big booty hoes, all that purple drank and mary jane. It has everything from major hits like "Can't Hold Us" to songs about important issues in society like "Same Love", "Starting Over" and "A Wake" to party, dancey songs like "Castle" to just light-hearted fun songs like "Thrift Shop" and "Cowboy Boots". They even have a song "My Oh My" about their hometown baseball team, The Seattle Mariners, which is dope and brings back memories for any sports fan.

"The Heist" shows MxR's wide range of musical abilities and their undeniable talents in creating songs that connect with the average person and to issues that relate to everybody. It is exactly what we have come to expect from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and "The Heist" certainly lives up to its lofty expectations.

Final PDB Grade:

9.7 out of 10 on the PosDog scale and certainly 2 PosDogPaws up.

Go Listen to it!

One Love,

-The PDB

Waz Good Wednesday

Yo yo yoooooooooo

What's poppin ladies n gents?

Been a busy week here at The PDB but we hope y'all have been feelin fresh through the crappy Fall weather and are feelin extra spiffy on this glorious hump day.

We'd like to wish a good friend of The PDB's, Mr. Marshall Mathers aka Eminem, a happy 40th birthday ya old ass!

Unfortunately the boss man just gave us a ring so we gotta jetset but a few tunes to get you through this hump day.

We'll start it off with a real chill, low-key tune to go with the rainy, cloudy weather but is a song we have liked for a long time and don't think we have shared it with y'all before:

Next up is a song we heard on the J-Shore but really enjoy its vibe:

And as you know we here at The PDB are big believers in the power of 3 so we'll leave you with our favorite track off the new Ellie Goulding album (which will not be receiving an official PDB review as it is not worthy):

Real fresh, up beat tune that should get you and yours on your way this Waz Good Wednesday and be on the look out for the much delayed PDB review of Macklemore's "The Heist."

We see you 3 hour tax conference call this afternoon.

In the meantime, keep it fresh keep it PosDog.

One Love,

-The PDB

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fridays with Fasta: Halloween Tips!

Yo yo yo

My name is Arvolyn Hill aka DJ Doctor, Shawty and as the people at the PosDogBlog call me, Fasta. I am a reporter, DJ, blogger ( and extreme hula hooper. I am here today to help all you positive dogs get ready for one of my favorite holidays Halloween!

You can never start planning your costume too early and if you have already gone out to a costume store please return your costume. Because lets be truthful, store bought Halloween costumes are expensive, lame and unoriginal. Taking the time to make a Halloween costume is ten times more fun then buying a $70 sexy Snow White costume. Now I understand not everyone has the time to make a costume. If that is the case visit your local Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift store to find used Halloween costumes. Thrift stores always put out donated Halloween costumes this time of year because of course the people who buy the overpriced store bought costumes only wear it once and then get rid of it. So save your money on your costume so you will have more cash to go all out on candy and dranks for the Halloween party!

Also the thrift store is a wonderful place to find unintentional Halloween costumes from the clothes you will find there. Two years ago I was Blanche from the Golden Girls and got the best old lady outfit with shoes to match all for $8 BOOM done.

Here are some popular Halloween categories that can have a new spin on them.

Animal: Ok ladies we have seen the sexy cat and bunny enough times it's time to let some of the other animals of the world get some play this Halloween. I think dressing as a sloth, armadillo or wolf could be real interesting costumes for the creative and ambitious. I say if your going to be an animal go the extra mile and be something exotic and unusual.

Celebrities: Dressing as another person whether they are famous or not can be tough because you could spend the entire night telling people who you are suppose to be. With the election right around the corner I have a feeling everyone will be dressing like Mitt Romney this year. I would say the key to dressing up as a famous person is in the clothes, make up and attitude. If your going to say your someone ACT LIKE THEM shamelessly the whole night. It's easy to get careless after a few too many Pumpkin Ales.

Random Objects: Every year someone dresses as some random object whether it be a ketchup bottle, Computer or laundry basket (yes I have seen that). Once again if your going to be something random that has no personality then go the extra mile in your costume, don't just wear red and call it a day.

More ideas: Characters from your favorite childhood Television shows, Famous and notable art, plants, person of another era, your evil time.

Under no circumstances should ANYONE dress in black face. I know its a given but I feel the need to remind people every Halloween because there is always one person that does it and it makes me disappointed in humanity. So under no circumstance no matter how great of an Obama you think you would be, do not do it, you'll just end up making yourself look like a negative dog.

Alright PosDogs I hope this helped you get inspired for Halloween it really is a super nifty day. Make sure to find a child to take trick or treating or just go alone and get lots of candy! No matter where you are Halloween night make sure you are with your best people, it's the key to having a smashing night!

One love,

-The PDB